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Production and production of various wooden packaging boxes



       Caoxian Zhizhenmei Wood Products Co., Ltd. is a wood product packaging factory integrating design, production and sales. It is located in Caoxian, Heze, Shandong, the hometown of handicrafts. Engaged in development, innovation and processing in one, can produce all kinds of wooden boxes, wooden wine boxes, wooden frames, wooden bird houses and other pet wooden houses, wooden toys, and wooden decoration of rooms according to different needs , Small wooden furniture, small wooden cabinets, burnt woodworkers.
       Products mainly include, wooden white wine box, wooden tea box, soap box, wine rack, wine barrel, wooden red wine gift box, wooden tray, wooden picture frame, wooden paper box, wooden coaster, storage box, wine The box specifications are all available. The technology includes hot stamping, branding, engraving, high-density screen printing and other technical contents. The material involves paulownia and imported pine. Carry out quality control in the whole process of wine gift box production, from the purchase of logs and boards to the acceptance of finished products, production and sales of wood products packaging factory. With the customer-oriented service tenet, we continue to improve the sales and service system, so that our customers can buy at ease, use at ease, and have no worries.
      "Your trust is our support, and your request is our progress." Customers are welcome to make drawings and samples. We are willing to serve you wholeheartedly! !


Caoxian Zhizhenmei Wood Products Co., Ltd.


Caoxian Zhizhenmei Wood Products Co., Ltd.

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Address: 60 meters south of Yalujiang Road, Caoxian Development Zone